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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions for 2011
Get a job
Go on at least one walk a day
~to and from work counts
Get my driver's licence
Finish current fanfiction
Get proof copy of Through the Mirror
~finish it by the deadline
Write at least one thousand words a day
Go through at least half of my fabric stores
Apply for a credit card
~pay it off every month
Get down to 140 lbs and stay there
Put together at least one Gundam model

I was never that stupid

Had an exciting evening last night.  So, my sister and I were watching a movie last night/this morning, and we kept hearing a bunch of idiots down the street shouting and laughing at the tops of their voices.  Mind you, this was around one, one-thirty in the morning.  Since they hadn't called it quits by the time the movie got over, I peeked out the kitchen window to see what was going on.

Cut to save your flists.Collapse )
Everyone should stalk this guy.  He draws amazing art, and gives away free icons every now and then.

Painting I actually did back at Skagit, but finally got off my ass to hang it and get a proper picture for posting purposes.


Tired of this

Butthurt on the internet

Some people really need their internet licenses revoked and their keyboards shoved up their asses. So, I'm a pretty regular reader on customers_suck  because it makes me feel better about my sucky job.  Business as usual, right?

Now, a while ago I commented on a story involving manga fans who left the books they were reading at the bookstore all over the place.  Yes, suck is clear.  I commented admitting that I had a bad habit of a similar nature.  So, this is the comment I just got on a completely unrelated post on my personal journal:

I'll admit, I do that to some extent. But it's one book at a time and putting them back correctly. And it's usually me trying to remember which one's I already own in a series so I don't buy duplicates.

And I sit out of people's way because my sister'll step on me otherwise.

AWWWW did da widdle wapanese weatawd get to go to da big book sto wit big sissy?

The green is the comment I'd made to the C_S post, quoted in their comment.  The red is theirs.  Now, just what the fuck did they think I did to deserve it?  The comment about being stepped on?  A joke.  And of course they posted anonymously so I couldn't block/report them.  Not that they look all too intelligent considering the content of the post.  I'm pretty damned sure that it wasn't the original poster because they responded positively to my post and life went on.

Don't bother going to look for it, because I've already deleted it off the post they commented on originally before promptly turning off anonymous commenting.  Some people need lives, and from me, that's saying something.

Edited to add:  The fact that my girlfriend's first response to noticing I was upset was asking me who she needed to kill made me feel a lot better.  *luffs*


Awesome Tod art

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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionDrau - Tod's comic

I hate hospitals.

So, I had a pretty eventful day at work yesterday. Our ovens at the bakery lift up the racks we put in there and rotate them while they cook. On the top of the racks, there are two bars that stick out, which is how the oven picks them up. (This isn't a perfect example, but the top bars are the same to give you an idea.) So I was removing one of these racks from the oven about midway through my solo shift (closing, my favorite shift) and turned away from it. Apparently, it decided to take that moment to catch and tip. One of those lovely top bars came into contact with my head.

Luckily, I managed to keep the thing from falling down entirely on me, seeing as it was freaking hot from the oven, but I still ended up on the ground clutching this very painful spot on my head. After a moment of pretty much just sitting there crying, I pull myself up and start stumbling my way towards the break room, figuring to sit down a moment before going to fill out the accident report. (Company policy bla bla bla.) One of my coworkers sees me on the way back and asks if I was alright. It was only then that I took my hand down and noticed that there was blood on it. It was kinda one of those surreal moments of showing her the hand and saying that, no, I really wasn't okay.

So next thing I was being rushed to the manager's office and made to sit down while they called the company nurse and then the paramedics. They came, checked my head and my blood pressure to make sure I wasn't in serious danger, but wanted me to go to the ER to get my head checked further just in case. Since it was cheaper (for Safeway, yay work insurance) and only a short distance, another coworker who was getting off then drove me over to the hospital. Waited an hour after another doctor took my vitals because it was Saturday and all the crazies are failing to off themselves, got a room, waited another half an hour probably, before being checked over by yet another doctor who told me that I thankfully would not have to get stitches. I was still bleeding a little by then (there was blood on the fancy ice pack they gave me), but that's a head wound for you. So I was given a pain killer, some goop to put on the cut, a new tetanus shot since my last one was back in middle school, and finally sent home.

Like I said, eventful. I'm officially cleared to go back to work, but will be taking today off anyway to make sure that I'm still not getting dizzy spells. And until the cut heals, I won't be able to sleep any way except for on my right side, because the rack decided to hit in just the perfect spot so that both laying on my back or left pushes on it. Fun times.